Where does Debbie do it and why?


I grew up in the wilds of the Sussex countryside with a few excursions to warmer and more exotic climates. However I am a country girl at heart and we had to learn to amuse ourselves. I dint have internet, endless tv channels, you tube or Facebook. I had to cycle two miles to catch a bus into the nearest town, and all my friends lived miles away.

Therefore learning to craft, sew, bake, and make saved me from some very boring hours. My mum introduced me sewing aged 6, knitting at 8 and by the time I was 15 I was making what my dad called ‘belts’ but I called mini skirts to go out in. Crocheting came later – much later. I was 34 before I learnt that wonderful craft and I took my eight year old daughter to the class as well; she put me to shame picking it up as easily as breathing! I have improved and last year finally made my first blanket…. then I made 4 more.

This blog is for me to show you the things that interest me and the work that I do in my local community, running classes and teaching others. If you want to know anything you only have to ask.


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