The First Ever Blanket

I had been wanting to make a serious blanket for years. One of those lovely old fashioned granny square blankets that everyone seems to have on their sofas now. I knew I could make it but also knew I would not have the patience to do it from lots of individual squares.

Surfing the web one day I stumbled across a lovely site called Attic24 and knew then I had found a kind of crochet nirvana! The colours, the designs and the easy way to follow a make. It gave the kick I needed. Settling on a simple granny stripe design I ordered the stylecraft yarn I needed (in far too many colours), and waited.

Four days later I was poised and ready, hook in hand, iPad balanced next to me, and a cat looking determined to get on my lap. I think my cats hate the Attic24 site as since I have found it they don’t get half as much lap time as they used to.

Casting on the 196 stitches was a turning point and from that day till four weeks later I sat and crocheted everyday. Everyday getting a bit bolder with my colour ideas, everyday looking back and wanting to try something different. However I knew this blanket would be a mishmash of colours and stitches, I would probably hate it once finished but it was the learning curve blanket.

Not many pictures were taken whilst I was working, but when so finished my son was thrilled with the result and snaffled it for himself. He nicknamed it Mr Blanket Mcblanketon & he loves it.

Debbie Mitchener


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