Stash Bash

It seems that a bit of bright sunshine amongst the gloom inspired me to haul through my desk are and gather together all those little bags of bibs & bobs for a sort through.

The delights I found! and a huge realisation that I have far too much ‘stuff’ …. I know it’s like shoes you can never really have too many, but I think it appears you can. Twenty years of working in costume has seen me amass a ginormous amount of bits. Have a look:

Wonderful frogging used for Victorian period clothing

Beautiful buttons in enamel, jet and gilded plastics, twinkling tiny delights!

Just some of my brown buttons!

Trying to squash them all back in the tin!

My favourite jars that hold my special buttons… Yes I three jars of special ones my precious

I know I will never get featured on one of those Pinterest boards for workspaces I want but at least there is now space to work….

And one last thing my favourite pin cushion given to me by a friend – my very own Texan Prick!!!

Maybe next week when I’ve recovered from this bout I will sort out my fabrics. Now that will be a mammoth task.


One thought on “Stash Bash

  1. Yes a real tidy up what a lovely time, take them out determined to jettison and then put them back again – too precious to discard. Gillian


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