My new Valentine

African Flowers heartIt seems to me that these days everyone has a Valentine; girlfriends & boyfriends, parents & children, even friends sending cards to each other – well I chose mine differently and it began with a hook and some Stylecraft DK….


I had been looking on Instagram for some crochet inspiration and came across a wonderful pattern in a photo from Knitted Yogurt which I soon learnt was called African Flower – a quick google and fifteen minutes later my very first flower was born. I had been looking for a pattern that reminded me of my lovely 60’s jars I keep buttons and bits in for ages and this was most definitely it! I just need to stick to the right colour palette – however I had lots of left over bits of wall from the various blankets and I swiftly began to make a selection using up little bits…

Even on the train down to my sisters I could not resist the urge to crochet a few. Soon I was building up quite a stack but they were all sorts of different colours and I could not see how they were all going to fit together into a blanket without it looking a complete mess. I guess with my art and costume background colour plays a huge part in my design process and there has to be a harmony there.

When Stylecraft launch their 10 new shades in the Special DK I had to order it straight away – my go to shop is the Wool Warehouse as I just adore the lovely bags they send the wool; amazing for keeping each project together as it progresses. They are also amazingly fast at delivery. I had put these new delights away in a box so I could not be distracted whilst finishing Big Sis hexagonal blanket and suddenly rediscovered them whilst rummaging for something to tie together all these lovely african flowers. The Lobelia sang to me the strongest and this I knew would be the base, but when I started to put it next to some of the other colours it just didn’t seem to fit.

I know a lot of people who design spend a long time working out colour combinations by using shade cards, colour pegs, etc but I tend to be a more seat of the pants designer – I always have been especially when painting ceramics. It comes from a feeling and the mood you are in at the time. Hence when you walk away from project for a few days you can come back and think ‘what the heck?’; but to me that is all part of the design process.

Anyway this meant that I started another blanket with the lovely magenta linking the flowers. It is a very strong colour – as is the Lobelia – but it just seems to sit right with the others:

I will have to keep to keep going now and make two blankets at the same time…. what a chore (I love making blankets)…


4 thoughts on “My new Valentine

  1. I am so enjoying your blog such an inspiration, especially as I am not a shade card person even for my patchwork but just assemble colours and patterns that appeal. Thank you keep them coming


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