In or Out – that is the question…

I don’t know about you but my friends and I have started discussing the Brexit debate, and realised it may actually overtake the London Mayor debate at this rate! For us Londoners the new Mayor is quite a big thing as I cannot see a clear front runner at the moment.

I know craft blogs are not meant to be political – we should share our craft stories, woes, excitements and dreams, but politics… we can leave that for other bloggers to cover. Well, wait a minute; the in/out debate might be more important than you think especially if you are a keen supporter of sellers on Etsy, or if you sell through Folksy. And opps we might just be looking down the barrel of the download pdf VAT debate again.

I was calmly going through my Instagram account and clicked on a link to Folksy, and then another link, and well you know the story suddenly you are somewhere totally unexpected. Before I knew it I was reading a post about selling craft overseas, where Hillary Pullen was giving a very handy breakdown on postage costs, packaging and finally legal requirements and customs forms. Lightbulb moment!


Now I have sold internationally on eBay when I ran a vintage and pre-loved business, and it can be a minefield with different customs requirements, tracking post etc etc… ok imagine that but include all those countries in Europe that we have not had to worry about. Oh and don’t forget the VAT MOSS debate in regards to pdf downloads – again Folksy have done a wonderful article on it here. The EU member states have all agreed that VAT rules apply across the board so if we are buying from a designer in the EU we know they will not be paying VAT or having to increase their prices to us to cover this.

I think as crafters it is very important for us to realise the impact an exit from the EU could have upon our activities. What will happen when we go to the Knitting and Stitching Show? There are some lovely stall holders from all across Europe whom come but if they are now going to have to think internationally when they cross the channel will they still come? Will customs riffle through my bag when I return from France with a hoard of wool and slap me with a bill for VAT?

The one plus side might be that we get better duty free deals when we fly or sail to the continent again… but I would rather have the wool!!!




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