Mistakes I make

We all post beautiful pictures of our crochet WIP or finished moments – artfully draping, adjusting lighting and lying down on the floor to get that ‘perfect’ unusual angle, but what about our more humble moments?

Double african flower mistakes

This is a post I am going to add to – I may even give it it’s own page – and would love it if you can share your ‘Mistakes I Make’ too. I think it gives hope to all those out there struggling with their first big project, looking at something and that terrible lurching feeling when you know you have to unpick the last few hours work. Or like me this morning that moment when you realise you can’t unpick it and horror of horrors the scissors are going to be needed to fix it.

I love crochet, knitting and sewing; some of these techniques I have been using for decades and others for just a few years, therefore I am still learning with every new project I take on. There is no way I can call myself a pro at crochet, but I am beginning to see what I have to do to correct my mistakes; but not always. So if any of you out there see a solution for a ‘Mistake I Make’ please, please comment and let me know how to fix it xx

Trying to turn an African Flower block into a Square

African Flower mistakes x 2

Well other people have managed it so surely I can…mmm I did manage to work out the maths that I would need 8 sides instead of 6 but they really don’t look like the beginnings of a square! Is my tension too tight? However I decided to pick the least ‘star’ like one and try to make a square.

African flower to square mistake

Halfway round and it certainly doesn’t look like a square – in fact that is not looking healthy at all, but I will continue…

Not really a square!

It is kind of there – wish I could use that emoji of the monkey with his hands over his face.

African Flower Blanket

Crocheting late at night whilst trying to watch a film results in many mistakes for me – once I get past 10pm if its not a simple thing I have done many times before I really should remember to walk away from the hook!

This was quite an upsetting mistake for me as I had to resort to the dreaded scissors! You can see their little pointed threat in the first picture. I really did try to unpick but it was not going to happen so last resort time.

Opps cut the wrong bit

and oh dear this is the result! ok it is easily fixable and with a little further unpicking and some more Magenta yarn we were back to normal in no time – but I am sure you will all know the pain of having to re-do a perfectly good piece of work because you were just not concentrating.

I am sure I will be adding to this soon as I am going to try and work out how to piece as I go – youtube here I come!


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