Wow where did March go?

I swear it was the end of February only yesterday, but no according to the calendar we are now in April and the nights are longer, the sun warmer and everything and everyone seems a little perkier… the preverbal ‘Spring’ in their step!

On a trip to Cordwainers Garden in early March I had the delight of seeing the birds, bees and frogs getting inspired by the warm sunshine. Shackleton whom is a favourite frog in the pond had been very active with tons of spawn bobbing about in the water – I cannot wait to see the tadpoles, although I fear that the over enthusiasm will result in many ending up with a very short life span. The sunshine and spring even got to me with a much needed clearing out of my old cd storage on the wall to make way for a rather inspiring display of a small amount of my Stylecraft Special DK yarn that I swear is multiplying behind the sofa… honest I don’t keep ordering more when I see something new on Instagram.

March 16
March makes, greats and ideas

So what have I achieved this month? Actually quite a lot when I look back at it. I took inspiration from a posting by Amanda from eightbysix and decided to put all of my ‘new’ ideas, trials and skills into one photo. It really does give you a sense of achievement. This month I have gained three new skills:

Knitting on the diagonal – taught at the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show by the UK Handknitting Association

Foundation Treble Stitch – self taught using the amazing step by step instructions of Cherry Heart on her blog

Tunisian Crochet – something I have wanted to learn for ages and finally achieved with thanks to Simply Crochet and their very comprehensive supplement; obviously the free hook worked a charm too!

Three new projects:

Knitted sundresses – I went through my ‘shelved’ projects box and found these knitted tops that I had been experimenting with. I downloaded a pattern from Ravelry about two years ago called Summerlin by Alice Schnebly which I loved and had immediately begun to knit. However I wanted to make some for friends and decided to alter the top a bit as it was a sort of bra design. I also began playing around with different textures on the straps to add interest. Needless to say my enthusiasm lasted long enough for four of these tops to be made and then life took over and they never saw the light of day again! That is until a friend came back from the Gambia with some rather lovely fabric for me, I decided to clear out my box and hey presto two new dresses are being born. My lovely nieces will hopefully benefit – I just need to do some measuring first.

Crochet Squares Blanket – I have been making random squares for months now when I have some wool left lying about from a previous project and I knew with Spring here it was time to do something with them; or risk them taking over all of my boxes. I researched ways to join them and enjoyed another new thing in the process, YouTube on my telly!! Ohh the amazing videos of people crocheting in glorious HD on a 32″ screen, I am definitely hooked! I also have to say a big thank you to Sarah-Jayne of Bella Coco for her fab tutorial and really clear instructions. The blanket is growing and will be ready for gifting soon.

Colour Block Blanket – This has been inspired by a logo that I saw from the taxi window

colour block blanket inspiration.png
Inspiring logo spotted on Clerkenwell Road, London

It is the way the colours graduate together that inspired me and made me think about the colour blocks, tones in a pallet,and then how to make them pop that got the little grey cells working. As you can see from the logo it is a blend of three tones in an arrow formation. I wanted to take this idea but make the fourth ‘missing’ colour something completely opposite – hence using the colour wheel. I have done my first sample block of pinks with a popping green and will spend the next few weeks working up the other colours… oh dear I might need to order more yarn!!!

Three finished items:

Triangle scarves – or Trendy Chale as they seem to be called. So simple to make now I know how to knit on the diagonal and so effective. Please note all family members will probably be receiving one of these for their Christmas presents!

Tunisian Crochet Cushion Cover – Taken from the supplement in Simply Crochet I managed to crochet this in one evening. I am absolutely loving the simplicity of this way of crocheting but also the lovely pattern it gives you. I did not manage the moss stitch that was in the original pattern, but did manage the colour changing to make triangles so am very pleased with myself.

Hexie Blanket – not in the final photo for March but it was still finally finished.

The blanket itself and had been together since Feb but I had been putting off tying in all the ends so it was officially finished in March and given to its new owner for their birthday. As it was a first attempt at this kind of blanket and the African flower motif I really hope they enjoy it, and can ignore any mistakes. Although as I keep saying to myself – mistakes prove that an item is truly hand made!


So March has been a busy month in all and I am grateful for all the new skills, surprises and mistakes that I have made.



2 thoughts on “Wow where did March go?

  1. Hi there debbie lovely to read your blog I so enjoy it. I went on a super course this weeken to learn entrelac held here in France by sylvie, look on her site fil de lune, when I have finished my sampler iam going to incorporate into a jumper, hopefully. See you really are inspiring me to be more creative. Gillian

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  2. Ohh that’s so lovely to hear thank you . I will have to look up exactly what ‘entrelac’ is as its not a term I am familiar with, but sounds good. I will also take a look at Fil de Lune as I am always interested to see what other people are up to – it is all inspiring


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